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Personalized Coaching

For more than 20 years, Julie Fanburg, has helped her clients achieve higher career dreams. Your success is why her own successful career has been by referral for so many years. Her expertise in hiring, HR leadership, strategy and coaching has earned her accolades for hiring and managing bar none talent for the highest performing teams. 

Julie is the career designer who listens tenaciously to help you identify, tailor, target and shine authentically in your next career chapter that truly complements your life.   

Ready to Roll


  • Considering an Executive pivot?
  • Want to hone your interview skills and materials? 
  • Ready to reenter the workforce after caring for kids at home? 

Whether you've sold three companies or are ready to build your first, Julie knows the questions you need to contemplate, the resources you need to tap, and the connections you will be thrilled to cultivate.

In addition to seasoned professionals, Julie coaches future and new grads, helping pave opportunities and gain experience. Julie informally began coaching while at Bryn Mawr College, editing classmates' papers and newspaper articles, and inspiring underpaid (free!) writers to contribute to the campus humor magazine. A native of DC, Julie attended The Potomac School and then Georgetown Day High School.

I Love Helping You Get to Yes


A believer in helping others to help themselves, Julie volunteers at two non-profits that mirror her professional work: the Parent Encouragement Program where she serves on the board of directors, and a job training and preparation program that helps adults with special needs develop resumes and interview skills to land paid jobs in Montgomery County. 

She is also the founder and executive director of Nerd Up Hi Tech & Executive Placement. If you're looking for a cookie cutter approach to hiring talent for your team or to furthering your career or business, you won't find it here. 

But if you're interested in out of the box and into your best next chapter, then send a note or give us a ring -- it's free to chat for an introductory call. 

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